About us


Kidsmile is a Melbourne-based, Australian owned company that promotes the use of eco-friendly materials in educational toys, teaching equipment and children's furniture.


The founders of Kidsmile, a couple of university lecturers, believe that a child's skills of self-learning are critical for the child's future success.


Kidsmile promotes these values:

  • Develop self-learning attitude in children
  • Teach children reasoning and critical thinking skills
  • Foster self-learning through fun and educational play

Kidsmile’s safety standards

Our products strictly comply with Australian and New Zealand toy safety standards. Most of our toys also have the CE mark which means that they have been tested by qualified testing organizations according to the European safety standards for toys. Please refer to our certificates page.

Kidsmile’s fair trade practices

Kidsmile do not sell products from manufacturers that employ and exploit unskilled labor in production lines in poorly equipped factories as sometimes reported in the plastic toy industry.

Kidsmile’s care for environment

Kidsmile promotes products made from plantation timber of recycled rubber trees. Plantation rubber trees are taped for natural latex, which still supplies one quarter of rubber used in our modern world. Old plantation rubber trees are cleared to grow the young ones. Rubber wood perishes easily when discarded therefore helping to protect the environment. Plantation rubber trees give our products the natural beauty of wood patterns, while leaving unharmed natural forests.